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Your Financial Prosperity Starts with the Right Vision

Transform your relationship with money

Why I Started


I grew up in a hard working, loving, family where there was never enough money. We had what I’d consider a great life, I just didn’t realize it was funded by credit cards and a second mortgage. While I was attending university, my Mom introduced me to an opportunity to help families learn what ours had not been taught - helping families with their finances. I would get to educate families on concepts that are so important to our success, yet these concepts are not taught in school.

I have seen firsthand how having a plan for our finances and income reduces stress and brings clarity. There is so much more to life than just paying bills! By becoming a financial coach I get to help families organize their finances so they can say YES to more of what they desire.

My Story

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I know that money causes stress on relationships and on our health. Growing up we are not taught about how money works, so how can we do differently? My passion is to help families build plans that meet their goals and bring them peace in volatile markets. Whether you’re just getting started or already have a plan in place I can help you build a financial blueprint so you can navigate your financial journey. Finance, unlike other areas, is a topic that people are afraid to ask for help on or discuss with their friends and family. The stigma around not understanding money and having debt can be overwhelming, but I’m here to help - without judgment.


With education and a few tweaks to what you are currently doing, we can work together so you can live the life you desire. We can also create customized plans from the ground up if that is what you want. Retirement, company pensions, insurance, budgets, and getting out of debt - these are some of the areas we’ll explore. Maybe you’re starting out or starting over and you need to get your financial house in order - maybe you don’t even know what that means. That’s ok! My role is to work alongside you. We’ll be in this together to achieve your family’s dreams.


I’d like an opportunity to get to know you and find out where you’re at. Help you map out your financial roadmap and get you on the path to where you are debt free, financially independent, and where your money is working for you so you no longer have to work for money. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so please reach out and schedule a time to connect.

About Me
My Vision

My Vision


I want to pull back the curtain and show the world the truth about the financial industry and why it seems so hard for families to get ahead. I believe that the problems are as much about money management as they are about money.  When people know better they do better.

My vision is to see the day where the average Canadian is financially literate and has access to the resources they need to create a better future for them and their family.

Main Challenges (2).jpg

Our financial future is inhibited by 3 main forces that work against our capacity for financial well-being.

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Lack of Financial Education

Schools don't teach about money so generations graduate and have to figure things out as they go. 

Less than one in five (15%) believes they have strong financial literacy skills, while nearly two in five (39%) rate their knowledge as poor.*

*Ipsos Survey - 11-18

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Lack of Written Plan

You would have a real problem building your house without a blueprint. Now imagine how much more complicated it is to build your financial house without a plan.


Nearly 6 out of 10 Canadian adults (59.6%) do not have a good idea of how much money they need to save to retire when and in the way that they want.*

*Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, 2017

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Lack of Access to Advice

Most advisors today won't work with you unless you are a HNW (High Net Worth) individual with at least $250,000 in investable assets. That makes it extremely difficult to go from low net worth to HNW.

53% of Canadians are $200 or less away from not being able to meet all of their monthly bills and debt obligations.*

*BNN Bloomberg - 04-24

What Clients are Saying

Autumn Walk

“Shawna genuinely cares about your family and getting your money to work for you. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and patient. Her ongoing communication is excellent so you feel continuously taken care of with your finances. From wills to life insurance and investments, Shawna has helped us with it all.”

Meghan, Cochrane, AB


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