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Two of our partnerships

We have partnered with two companies who help our clients secure mortgages and one company who is a Home and Auto broker. Once you complete a mini-certification for each of these companies you’ll receive a personal referral link and if someone you know uses your link to do business with these companies you’ll get paid for referring them! You don’t need to have anything more than a high level understanding of these companies since all you’re doing is connecting people. These partnerships allow opportunities for you to strike conversations up with people about ways you can provide assistance without talking directly about insurance and investments. I mean, who isn't looking for better interest rates when renewing their auto insurance and mortgages right now?! 


Application Steps are simple: 

Step 1: Submit the Agent Information Form 

Step 2: Click on the checkbox to acknowledge that you submitted the form and continue to the agreement signing form (docusign). 

Make sure to use your primerica email for registration.

To learn more about our strategic partnership with Rocket Mortgages and Primerica, please check out this pdf.

Once you complete the registration, you will receive an email with the Referral Link and an attachment with the compensation table.



More Details

You can find all the latest details from POL, Under Products, Mortgage Loans (CAN)


Agent Sign-up

Complete online sign up as an agent:


Agency Form

Print, sign, scan and email THIS form. (or sign using your phone with adobe reader app).

Email the form to and CC to

Confirm Activation

To confirm if you are in the system, go and type your name as agent in the agent field and see if it pops up your name with solution code (Rep ID).


If it does, you are enrolled, if it doesn't, it's still pending.


Reach out to Maureen if you have followed the steps above and you still don't see your name after 3 days.

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